January 13, 2018

Hello ladies! A study suggests that the skin of women who were poor sleepers showed accelerated signs of age and poor skin complexion. Here are some ideas and suggestions on how to better maintain our skin from wrinkling while sleeping!

1. If you are a teeth grinder, you should know that grinding can change the look of your face over time, causing a change in your jaw muscles resulting in unwanted wrinkles. The solution we suggest will be to consult your dentist for a "night guard" and going deeper to find out what could be the cause of the stress, is there anything you can do to decompose before sleep? This post can be the place to start.

2. Consider sleeping on the highest quality pillowcases. Invest in bamboo pillowcases, the bamboo fiver holds fantastic qualities that are very beneficial to your complexion, and it will wick any unnecessary oils and dirt from your skin, repel any unpleasant odors and keep your skin fresh, leaving you renewed and creaseless in the morning.

3. Invest in a humidifier, and the humidifier will leave your skin hydrated and vibrant by circulating water through the air, providing hydration throughout the night! Invest in a good humidifier and keep the moisture level in your bedroom around 30%.

4. Improve your bedroom's air quality. Keep your bedroom clean and open a window to help lower concentration of toxic chemicals and circulate fresh air into your bedroom. If you feel creative, you can add an air filtering plant in your home! We kindly suggest getting an English ivy plant which is known for the small eliminating qualities of toxic agents such as Formaldehyde.

5. Get some good quality sleep. Your skin generates collagen (the protein responsible for skin elasticity and connective tissue) when you sleep, which prevents sagging. Sleeping less than 7 hours will leave your skin drier and your lines more visible.

The truth is every woman needs her beauty sleep and before buying the entire anti-aging face cream aisle in the store, make sure you are in fact checking off some numbers off this list!

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