About Us

As pioneers in the bedding industry, we crave for a change and want everybody to know what a wonderful resource bamboo is!   Bamboo actually generates 36% more oxygen than a regular tree and it’s a renewable source!  Planting more bamboo will help prevent deforestation, keep the soil clean, and oxygenate our planet.  And not to mention as a bedding product it has many benefits- it is hypoallergenic, thermoregulating, antimicrobial, and moisture repelling.  With all these facts, encouraging the use of this wonderful resource can help take away from forests being destroyed as well as provide comfort and a great night’s sleep to everyone!
Our company is private young and aspiring and our team is assembled from people who care.  Within one year have amassed 110 locations promoting the Smart Bamboo Brand.
Spreading the word- bamboo-derived bedding products are the future, and our line of products promote the beginning of a new wave of awareness- that nature offers softness and comfort like no other.
Most of our products are made in the USA and certified by CertiPUR-US, which means that the foam inside the pillow is harmless and eco-friendly.
The Smart Bamboo Brand was born of an idea, created in 2013.  We saw the need for a pillow that is comfortable for all types of sleepers with all sort of needs. We know that not everybody sleeps on their side and not everybody is aware of the importance of having a sleeping environment set up in a way that can positively affect their lives. When we first got into this business we understood quickly that if we bring an idea to a reality that is meant to authentically better people’s lives, we can create a sleeping experience that will be truly beautiful and unique.  It’s with this passion and authenticity that we developed an entire line of bedding products and are excited to bring them to your home to better your life!